Cycling accidents

Whether it is to combat rising transport costs, for fitness or just for fun, the increase in cyclists is everywhere to see. Yet sharing the roads with vehicles more powerful and better protected than you can sometimes lead to accidents.

There are people who can help....

Carry On Cycling

At Carry on Cycling, we are solicitors for cyclists. Our challenge is helping cycling accident victims to get back on track as soon as they possibly can.

Beacon law

Welcome to Beacon Law. We are a firm of highly skilled and vastly experienced individuals who strive every day to attain the best possible results for our clients.


At Stephensons our clients are real people and they live and work in the real world - which at times can be an unpredictable place. Whatever it throws at them we're never far away to help, we're real people too and we understand our clients' needs.

Stephensons - My Experience

Peter Baker came to Stephensons after suffering an injury whilst riding his bike. In this video Peter shares his experience of his accident and how the personal injury solicitors at Stephensons were able to help him pursue a claim.