Dispute resolution

Disputes can arise from a variety of circumstances. Whether your dispute is with a neighbour or with a friend, it is important that you are given the right information in order to achieve a fair resolution.

There are people who can help....

Stephensons Solicitors

Associate Solicitor Mark Fenning provides a brief overview of the small claims process and what to consider when deciding if taking a claim through the Small Claims Court is the right option for you.

Stephensons Solicitors - My Experience

Veronica Green discusses her experience after a fence dispute developed between herself and a neighbour who installed a fence blocking part of her property.

Stephensons Solicitors - My Experience

Andrew Roberts discusses his experience after a boundary dispute developed between himself and a new neighbour. Andrew discusses the impact a boundary dispute can have and his experience working with the specialist solicitors at Stephensons in order to get the matter resolved.

Stephensons Solicitors - Cavity Wall Claims

Andrew Leakey outlines some of the issues relating to cavity wall insulation including which areas are most at risk and what to do if you think you may have a claim.